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We specialize in language courses for companies held on their premises. Our courses for corporate clients include the minimum necessary amounts of grammar - it's about understanding the specific situations of work and life, with acceptance of minor mistakes which do not affect communication. Even beginners are quickly able to arrange a meeting, introduce themselves and their business, write a simple offer, a letter and book a hotel etc. During a course we can focus on specific case studies based on your area of business and interest, for example business catalogues in English. Before an important business fair or meeting it is possible to practice the presentation of your company and its offers. For advanced students we offer English language courses with elements of technical and economic language, business correspondence and preparation for the TOEIC® exam. Our study programmes are tailored to the client's needs, including the schedule and duration of the course.
We offer both individual courses, mainly taken up by managers, and group lessons.

Payments can be made monthly by bank transfer.

We have a nationwide network of experienced teachers and we are able to organise the course in any town throughout the country. In addition, ​​we are responsible for the coordination of training projects for institutional clients as well as the acquisition of EU funds to finance educational activities.

Our courses

Foreign languages

  • Courses of English language to prepare for the TOEIC® certificate
  • Courses of English language with in company training
  • Free consultations for our students

Project management

  • Obtaining EU funds for Life Long Learning
  • Management of EU funded educational projects
  • The creation of international consortiums in EU funded projects
  • Research on the English language educational and training needs of companies and institutions

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