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Akredytowane Centrum Egzaminacyjne LanguageCert

Jesteśmy akredytowanym Centrum Egzaminacyjnym LanguageCert uprawnionym do przeprowadzania egzaminów LanguageCert International ESOL oraz enPro/LTE. Oferujemy egzaminy w każdym trybie ich przeprowadzania:

  • w formacie papierowym (książki testowe oraz płyty CD z nagraniami sekcji Listening)
  • w formacie komputerowym (egzaminy w laboratoriach/salach komputerowych)
  • online z nadzorem w czasie rzeczywistym (zobacz: online proctoring)

Egzaminy LanguageCert to uznane na całym świecie certyfikaty oficjalnie potwierdzające kompetencje językowe zdających na skali Rady Europy (CEFR) na każdym z 6 poziomów zaawansowania językowego: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 oraz C2.

Poniższa tabela pokazuje egzaminy LanguageCert dostępne do przeprowadzenia w naszym oraz partnerskich ośrodkach egzaminacyjnych

Tabela Certyfikatów LanguageCert

Egzaminy LanguageCert IESOL

Kontekst egzaminu: język ogólny/akademicki
Poziomy egzaminu: wszystkie 6 poziomów wg CEFR - kandydat wybiera poziom, który chce zaliczyć
Moduły egzaminu: LRW + S (Listening, Reading, Writing) + (Speaking), oddzielne egzaminy, oddzielne Certytikaty na każdym poziomie
Formaty egzaminu: papierowy, komputerowy oraz online (poziomy B1, B2, C1 oraz C2)
Czas trwania egzaminu: 80-160 minut zależnie od poziomu, część Speaking: 6-20 minut zależnie od poziomu
Ważność certyfikatu: bezterminowo

Egzaminy LanguageCert LTE (enPro)

Kontekst egzaminu: angielski w biznesie, zawodowy
Poziomu egzaminu: egzamin diagnostyczny, mierzy wszystkie poziomy zaawansowania od A1 do C2 wg CEFR
Moduły egzaminu: A1-C2 oraz A1-B1, Listening + Reading
Formaty egzaminu: papierowy (A1-C2 oraz A1-B1), komputerowy oraz online (moduł A1-C2) - egzamin adaptywny
Ważność certyfikatu: bezterminowo




Certyfikat Akredytowanego Centrum Egzaminacyjnego LanguageCert








Egzaminy LanguageCert

CEFR International ESOL LTE/enPro Young Learners ESOL
C2 C2 Mastery               
C1 C1 Expert                  
B2 B2 Communicator od A1 do C2 & od A1 do B1  
B1 B1 Achiever             
A2 A2 Access                
A1 A1 Preliminary         
pre-A1 - - Owl & Fox












TOEIC® was created by Educational Testing Service in response to the business world’s demand for a reliable and objective exam of English language proficiency, in the context of work in an international environment. TOEIC® is an exam focused on testing language proficiency in the office, at meetings, or during negotiations and business trips. Over 4,500,000 people sit the exam around the world each year.

TOEIC is recognized by more than 8,000 companies, corporations and organizations. It verifies English language competency in a business environment. The exam is intended for people for whom English is not their language and provides a precise measurement of language skills, in terms of listening, reading and grammar.

TOEIC® is currently the most popular exam in the world, preferred and sought by human resources managers, recruitment specialists, public and private universities, administration and individual clients.

The main format of the exam is multiple-choice and so participants fill in answer sheets by selecting one of the possible answers. The answer sheet is then processed by a computer, which generates a report of the exam’s results on a scale from 10 to 990 points.
The TOEIC® exam lasts for two hours and consists of 200 questions which are divided into two parts:

    Listening Comprehension - from 5 to 495 points
    Reading Comprehension - from 5 to 495 points

The entire examination session lasts for about two and a half hours.

Together with the TOIC certificate, the exam participant receives a Table of Language Competences, which precisely defines the language skills of the person who has passed the exam and gives an interpretation of the result.

Difficulty of the exam
The exam has been designed in order to measure the level of knowledge of English in business. The score is expressed in points on a scale from 10 to 990. Therefore, the degree of difficulty of the questions is varied to precisely determine the level of the exam participant. The advantage of the exam is that the candidate does not need to declare his or her level of proficiency of English language before the examination. This exam determines the level of language competencies depending on the number of points he or she has received.

Exam Preparation
You can prepare for the TOEIC® exam by doing one of our courses, which are integrated with business elements throughout. However, you may just simply learn English yourself and take an exam, at any level and stage of the study, to verify your progress. The exam can be sat many times to check progress, each time analysing the result and effectiveness of your chosen language education.

In preparing for the exam you should pay attention to vocabulary, which is key to the TOEIC® exam and to English language. You should therefore read as many authentic texts as possible, listen to the radio and watch the news, all in English. If possible, keep in contact and practice with people who use English language (not only native speakers), even by phone or e-mail. By doing this you have a chance to experiment with the language, and gain experience, giving you a great opportunity to improve your language skills very quickly. The TOEIC® test is designed to evaluate a working knowledge of English language and demonstrate a degree of freedom in communication.

Companies and institutions

TOEIC® is especially popular among leading and prestigious employers, where knowledge of English is a key element of the competence of each employee. The following companies use TOEIC® as a main language audit, and also as a strategic element of their human resources:

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Accenture
  • Agora SA
  • AXA Insurance
  • Bayer
  • BL Stream
  • BRE Bank-Service Point
  • CAT LC
  • Centertel
  • Continental Automotive
  • Daikin
  • Deutsche Bank
  • DZ Bank
  • Egis
  • Eurilogic
  • Ford Polska
  • France Telecom (TP S.A.)
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Hoffman-la-Roche
  • International Paper
  • Kodak
  • Lafarge
  • LEK S.A.
  • Leroy Merlin
  • LG Electronics
  • Michelin
  • Nutricia
  • PSE
  • PWPW
  • PZ CussonsRenault
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Schenker Polska
  • Siemens
  • Toyota Motor Poland
  • Unilever
  • Vattenfall Heat Poland
  • Warbud

University education
Depending on individual rules at some Polish universities, the results of the TOEIC® exam may allow for the exemption of having to sit an obligatory English language course at the following universities:

    University of Warsaw
    Warsaw University of Technology
    Lublin University of Technology
    Poznan University of Technology
    Kielce University of Technology
    University of Environmental and Life Sciences
    Academy of Science in Warsaw
    School of Commerce and Law. R. Lazarski
    Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
    Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
    Academy of Management in Lodz
    University of Economics. K. Adamiecki in Katowice
    Technical University of Lodz
    School of Agribusiness in Lomza

TOEIC® and CEF (Common European Framework of Reference)
TOEIC® scores mirror those levels of the Council of Europe as follows:

    A1 = 125 points
    A2 = 225 points
    B1 = 550 points
    B2 = 785 points
    C1 = 945 points *

* Score suggested by the ETS, based on research. Companies and institutions, however, have the ability to create their own levels of competence depending on their experience and requirements

Dates of the exam
TOEIC® is organized in open sessions which take place regularly throughout the country and can be organised by request, at any time. For details, please contact our centre.

Waiting time for results
Of all the examination results in Poland,  TOEIC® guarantees the shortest waiting time. Normally, the results are available within a maximum of 10 working days.

Certificates TOEIC®
Exam participants receive certificates in 5 different colours, depending on the result achieved: from 10 to 990 points:

  • Orange: 10 - 215 points
  • Brown: 220 - 465 points
  • Green: 470 - 725 points
  • Blue: 730 - 855 points
  • Gold: 860 - 990 points

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