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LTE English Language Certificate - get certified remotely, stay safe and save time

LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) is the most practical and cutting-edge language certificate in the world. Modern technologies and LanguageCert focus on candidates' comfort and respect for their time allow for the exam to be taken from the candidate's home, while maintaining exam integrity and ensuring safety of the test-taker.


Register for the exam using your voucher code!

Have a look at the clip below and learn how you can take exam from home and how to register



Your resume = Your professional image

  • B2 level according to the CEFR is the most sought after English level by the employers, graduation criteria at majority of universities
  • How do you inform your employer about your English level?
  • English Certificate in your resume/CV sends a clear message - you have a formal proof of your language skills, makes you stand out 
  • LTE exam results in your CV will get you invited to a job interview much faster 
  • LTE Certificate in your application is also a sign you are an ambitious individual who wanted to do more than just the required minumum, it is your investment in yourself 

Your time is most valuable

  • The 'exam day' will be reduced to only the exam time - you will only spend time taking the test 
  • You will not spend time traveling, waiting for the exam session to begin
  • You will make the exam fit your schedule, not the other way round
  • You can take the exam at any selected time of day or night, 24/7
  • Rescheduling is possible with no extra charge until 48 hours before the exam time  
  • You will learn your score immediately after the exam, you will receive your Certificate within 2 business days! 

The exam you will always pass, well almost :)

  • Your score will be between 0 and 100 points mapped to the CEFR level on your Certificate
  • B2 level starts with 60 points, see scores and CEFR levels 
  • Exam questions will adjust to your exam performance, LTE is an adaptive exam which means that each next question you see is based on how you answered the questions before, the more correct questions, the higher your score and difficulty level of the test 

LTE is the employer's Certificate

  • LTE certifies your English skills in the working environment, confirms your ability to function in office and business context
  • LTE boosts your credibility, the authenticity of your Certificate can be confirmed within seconds on LanguageCert Certificate Verification website

How to book your Exam?

Go to this website (keep this one open for more instructions) : click here





Complete the required fields and click JOIN



Copy/paste your code from your-email into the 'Have an Exam Code...' field and click CONFIRM

Complete your profile


Choose the document type you will enter in your profile and show to your exam supervisor on the exam date.

In the First/Middle Name(s) (Latin characters) field, enter your first name or names without special characters (diacritic signs). Enter your first name or names as they are shown in your ID. 

In the First/Middle Name(s) (Native) field enter your name or names with special characters (WITH diacritic signs). Enter your first name or names as they are shown in your ID.

In the Last Name (Latin characters) field, enter your last name without special characters (diacritic signs). Enter your last name as shown in your ID. 

In the Last Name (Native) field,  enter your last name with special characters (WITH diacritic signs). Enter your last name as shown in your ID.

Discrepancy between your profile data and your ID data will result in exam cancellation and the need to reschedule (fees may apply).

Your personal data is secure and stored in accordance with Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Fill in other required fields and click CONFIRM MY EXAM



Select time and date of the start of your exam

Set your time zone, by default, your computer's time zone is shown. 
Using arrows, select your test date.
Choose the time slot for the start time of your test.



After selecting your time slot, click Update Selected Slot to Basket




When registration is complete, you will see this screen


You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your test info

You will see your exam booking summary on your profile in 'My Exams' tab and a link to download the exam application – EXAM SHIELD

Connect your headphones (using wireless headphones is not allowed), your camera and your microphone .
Download EXAM SHIELD application by clicking DOWNLOAD link, a download window will open, please get familiar with the license agreement, click Accept and Install Windows client. (Refresh the window if you do not see the download screen within a few seconds). 
EXAM SHIELD installation can be performed minimum one hour prior to your exam time but in such case you may not have time to fix a problem that may occur. It is recommended to install EXAM SHIELD earlier. 


Accept installation and the application will install

When the application is installed, you will see a desktop icon, open the application and click CHECK SYSTEM


The application will run several tests on your computer: your system test, audio test (microphone, headphones) and network speed test. You will see a summary at the end and a list of potential problems/issues to be fixed. If all is OK, you can close the application and return to it 10 minutes prior to your exam time. 



After the tests have been performed and you do not see error messages, close the application and return to it 10 minutes prior the exam to connect with the invigilator. Write down your exam date and time, set up a reminder for yourself not to miss the date. You will be able to reschedule the exam at no extra charge up to 48 hours before the exam time. 


  • Make sure you are the only person present in the room 
  • Clear your desk, remove all books, other items
  • Put your mobile phone in silent mode and not in immediate reach but keep it switched on, LanguageCert representative may contact you in case there is an issue 
  • Your Invigilator will ask you to show your room and the desk before the exam by rotating your camera 360 degrees


Contact information:

If you require assistance with registration, you need to complete your profile or you have exam related questions, visit this site: 


You can use a very convenient and instantly available chat option or call the Customer Service number shown on the website.
For Poland: +48 22 306 08 54.

You can also send an e-mail to: customerservice@peoplecert.org


We wish you the best of luck in your exam! :)

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