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We offer management of educational projects:

  • Obtaining EU funds for Life Long Learning
  • Management of EU funded educational projects
  • The creation of international consortiums in EU funded projects
  • Research on the English language educational and training needs of companies and institutions
  • Analysis of the project, together with an assessment of opportunities to receive EU funding, according to specific criteria
  • Optimization of the selection of sources of funding for educational projects
  • Preparation of a completed grant application, together with the necessary attachments
  • Preparation of the documents necessary for the grant agreement
  • Support when negotiating the terms of the grant agreement
  • Monitoring of the educational project in accordance with the grant agreement and related documents
  • Support during inspection of the project from supervisory institutions and support in the preparation of the required documents
  • Preparation of the final documents and reports of the educational project

Our services are directed towards:

  • Enterprises
  • Local Governments
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Schools
  • Business environment institutions
  • Science and technology parks
  • Cultural institutions
  • NGOs

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